Steemit 101 – Facebook Group created – Here is the link

Steemit 101 / FAW for newbs – FB group link up:

I did not see a group on FB where people could ask and post questions and solutions for new people and I wanted to try and help bridge that gap in this Crypto space to help the greater good here. The FB group link is right here below.


Don’t buy into the Left/Right agenda. It’s a lie meant to divide us. Focus on Facts.

  It is sad to see people standing up for a Left-Right agenda, when there really is no choice. There is only the ILLUSION of choice, it is called Controlled Opposition. They are picked and selected for us, we do n select them.  The Masters/Globalists/Elite pick them in advance.  It is like voting for whether…

What’s Bushcraft anyways? Those Outdoorsy, Self Reliant, Off Grid People!

In a nutshell, Bushcraft is a popular term for Wilderness & Outdoors skills. Often tied to related items / catch all words / philosophies like Wilderness Living, Self Reliance, Homesteading, Off-Grid life, Survival Skills, Primitive Skills, Backwoods Camping, things like this. Think “Little House on the Prairie” – that TV show from the early 1970’s!

Municipal Corruption at Oshawa City Hall! Criminal Code of Canada says:

Municipal Corruption – Criminal Code of Canada Thanks goes to @Frankie Gotz from the Canadian Awareness Network for getting the word out on this!  123 . (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years who directly or indirectly gives, offers or agrees to…