Steemit 101: Visual Aid – New to Crypto/Blockchain? – Online Course to help you understand it better!

  Direct Link to this post on my #Steemit blog on the #Blockchain — Barry Dutton Blog on the #Steemit #Crypto #Blockchain Many new people to Steemit and all related Blockchain and #Crypto tech/markets are lost and don’t know where to begin as the social media posts and other ways of spreading the info widely…

Steemit 101: Visual Tutorial: Using to show ALL your up to date data, currency, wallet, posts/replies, transactions, etc.

My latest Visual Simple Graphic ” #Steemit 101 ” post for people learning (as we all are really)  — I started a Facebook group by the same name for new people too. Everyone will be new at some point, we should help one another how we can.   That is what community is about.   …

UNITY. We are all in this. TOGETHER.

Broken political systems everywhere. The truly informed people know this. And the words “By design” is right. Then in the USA POTUS vote, there is always the Electoral College issue. It IS an issue, that most people do not understand. That much is clear.   Stocks in the private prison system and the Military Industrial…

WE are The Main STEEM Media – We will tell the truth. We are the new MSM

Most of us know that the MSM – Main Stream Media is paid off and looks the other way, owned by the globalists, the politicians and the money and power. The narratives and “Official Story” if you will.

In STEEMIT, WE are a community. A collective. We have an ethos unlike those that lie and cover up the truth harming people daily for a paycheque or a position.

We choose people over politics and profit. We choose true Liberty and Freedom.