Steemit 101: Visual Aid – New to Crypto/Blockchain? – Online Course to help you understand it better!



Direct Link to this post on my #Steemit blog on the #Blockchain — Barry Dutton Blog on the #Steemit #Crypto #Blockchain

Many new people to Steemit and all related Blockchain and #Crypto tech/markets are lost and don’t know where to begin as the social media posts and other ways of spreading the info widely continues to happen, drawing all kinds of people in. Which is a GOOD THING!

I made this up / Screen Capped this today from this Online University website…. and their website link is at the end of my post.

Many who are sick of the lies and corruption of the Government and all related AGENCIES involved. People are realizing no matter how much garbage they say along with the paid off media everywhere that:

The systems currently in place are broken and clearly NOT WORKING.

Thus, we seek alternative ways of dealing with our day to day issues as such and learning Blockchain/Crypto tech. is one way that is changing the landscape in terms of Freedom, Liberty and Transparency, in all things.

Why not take a couple mins. and see if this will help you learn and then if you like it — Resteem and Upvote this so others can see it too.

We are building a community. We are in this together.


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