Steemit 101: Visual Tutorial: Using to show ALL your up to date data, currency, wallet, posts/replies, transactions, etc.

My latest Visual Simple Graphic ” #Steemit 101 ” post for people learning (as we all are really)  — I started a Facebook group by the same name for new people too. Everyone will be new at some point, we should help one another how we can.   That is what community is about. 
Point 1- Use this url / domain to track all your account info on the Blockchain. 
— I just leave it up on a tab most of the time.  Easy way to remember the url / domain name is it matches your address, — you just swap out the “it” and insert a “d” — and really, it shows you what has BEEN Steemed… not what may be steemed!  2 easy ways to remember this resource, that I did when I found it as a new Steemer.  
Points 2/3/4 – Live / Up to date Trackers of all your key stats ie – 
— Post Counts, Voting  Power, All your STEEM currency + Awards etc. and more — ALL your activity on the Blockchain in one place!
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Thanks for reading!  Share away and TY to everyone for the support!

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