The Top 2% of Whales on Steemit: Stats/Trends…Curation Counts!!

The Top 2% of Whales on Steemit: Stats/Trends…Curation Counts!! 
Official reference source and site so you can use it yourself:
I was curious of the NUMBERS being a numbers guy in the Real Estate sector- & how in the top 2% of all Steem members (over 50 000 and growing  big time  daily)- I managed to be ahead by 1 rank when #998 below me has more CURRENCY #’s & higher Rep. Rank– & we are TIED for post count, which as you can see was the column / variable I sorted by.
Column A numbers as you know tend to organically grow and not deplete for the most part.  (Non Currency I called it just to easily distinguish things)  vs. Column B – which is directly currency or currency related. 
Currency types here can be sold, given away to members, converted to other currency, converted back and forth inside the Steem currency network so another reason I wanted to distinguish via 2 columns for simplicity.  You could have $5000 of STEEM or STEEM Power or Dollars one day, do what I just mentioned the next and have a $0 balance, theoretically…. your followers/followed/reputation etc etc in Column A tend to grow/deplete more slowly (organically) — and your post counts cannot go down, so you see what I am saying as such.  


It appears that my MUCH higher CURATION RANK/ACTIVITY is the key: (Given weight, it seems) –Meaning SHARING/ UPVOTING of others content, & perhaps also because my followers / following is also higher. Followers and Following mean you are seeing and having seen by others more content presumably which is also a form of engagement stat for content.  
It is important to the site creators, as we hear about often to comment, share, upvote etc. content on the site.  Curation – on content other than your own,  as such continues to show it is important to grow the site, and grow your own numbers.
I hope you find this helpful and if you do please Resteem and Upvote my content.  Clearly we can see it helps and grows everyone’s numbers.
What are your thoughts as we all learn the Crypto world together?

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