Steemit 101: Visual Tutorial of why you should comment & interact with people on posts and the resulting payout proof


Steemit 101:  Visual Tutorial of why you should comment & interact with people on posts and the resulting payout proof :
…… which I never think about but saw this and figured it would help others, as some have helped me learn.   I am a visual learner myself.  
1/ – indicates the separate website domain you can use to check all your current and up to date transactions / stats on Steemit via the Crypto/Blockchain — really it is just like your login/domain url you have and changing the “it” to a “d”  — that is how I remembered it when I got started.  I saw that tip on someone’s page, I wish I could remember who they were!  
2/ Shows the payout amount related to my account simply because I made a comment on a post — and in that same script/area you can see why I received such a payout!  (next point)
3/ The reason for my payout on my comment was simply due to the fact that this list of people all liked my comment in the post and decided to upvote it.   
4/ When people with more weight on the site than you (think their Reputation # beside their name)  comment and upvote your content no matter what it is — they are pushing you up a bit on the site.  This is a good ex. of this also relating to the whole.  Things we all are trying to figure out daily on here LOL!!   
That is why I support people daily that have a lower weight or “rep level.” than me — to help push them up like others have taken the time and resources to do for me!   
That is the LSS of it folks, this stuck out to me today since my numbers changed overnight and I wanted to look into why.  I never really think about people voting my comments up, or a payout from it, but I am thankful for people helping me along the way so decided to take some time and help show others learning too.  
It may give people hope too, seeing that on Steemit — you really can “earn” Crypto currency many different ways.
There are lots of days I work really hard making my content or sharing others’, to grow the site and get disheartened seeing no results and often no measurable way to determine how to change that.  This is a clear teaching moment and so I hope it helps you as others have helped me.  
That’s it!   If you like my posts, please upvote and resteem/reblog them.
That is a way we help the site grow and each other, as you can clearly see here!  
Thanks a lot.  Steem On Brothers and sisters!  
Thanks to:   @papa-pepper and @donkeypong — both are “whales” on the site who are active and know A LOT and have great content!! You all should definitely follow if you want my opinion.  Both are friendly and active and smart as heck.  
TY also to @smysullivan who swapped ideas back and forth on a long chat recently too.  We chatted about our similar Reputation weights, ideas related to that, and some other things.
#minnowsunite #steemsquad

**   We really can learn and earn together in the name of Liberty **


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