UNITY. We are all in this. TOGETHER.


Broken political systems everywhere.
The truly informed people know this. And the words “By design” is right.
Then in the USA POTUS vote, there is always the Electoral College issue. It IS an issue, that most people do not understand. That much is clear.
Stocks in the private prison system and the Military Industrial complex BUSINESSES (and they are that) -have surged roughly 30% since this POTUS vote happened. There is really no way for real change without a complete revolt throwing out the SYSTEMS in place and the people. The people in ‘power’ don’t have a healthy respect for the power of the PEOPLE nor a desire to serve them. US.
Borders mean less than you are taught to think and conditioned to believe. WE are humanity and WE are in things together. Can’t you see that? What are you doing to learn about all this and help effect real positive change?  Nothing gets changed without action.
Boiling it down, that is the root. The globalists YOU DON’T SEE, control the politicians and the political framework and the media. If the people en masse really knew what was going on, they would be outraged. And the politicos and the globalists in bed together, know this, so everything is rigged and controlled. To ensure that they stay hidden, and in place.
Most of the so called “conspiracy theories” have been proven right, so if people could get away from their own Cognitive Dissonance standing up for the oppression in place cemented to their ideas, we would all really get somewhere. Waking up en masse is the key. Research, personal sacrifice and action are all needed and not enough ppl. are willing to do this.
When that changes, so will everything else.

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