Time… Again for another Treasonous False Flag Attack on Regular People – in the name of Liberty of course.


Political and Corporate Interests generally always outweigh what is right for everyday life as a regular person just trying to be free, live life, and have access to decent monetary supply for a reasonable life, some clean air and water, and actual freedom and liberty.

Restrictive Policy in the rising Police State everywhere, day by day are stealing basic Civil Rights and Natural Law away from all of us as humans.  This is due to unchecked and largely unaccountable agencies in Big Government – it happened bit by bit, year after year.

The Government and Police State with huge help from Big Data collection companies (proven facts) – are spying on the population.  Warrantless surveillance.  Victimless crime. Carding anyone on the street in the name of “security”.  Arresting people for questioning government/police.  Labelling people as problems who question why our public policy, air and water are all being poisoned everywhere.

Nothing is going to change, and in fact — get worse, unless humanity wakes up, researches, gets off their smartphones and devices wasting time– and acts.


We were created and born “free” — we don’t need rulers above us forcing us to live their way and “Manufacturing Consent” on everything we do.  And then punishing us when we awaken, and question them and inform others.   THAT does not sound like Liberty, Freedom and Democracy to me.



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