Canada’s Fortunes always tied to the USA – Upper 49th Parallel more than just an Imaginary Line on a Map!


I have been an Activist, not just a Typist. 

Today, I took this Screen Capture from my FB feed (Facebook…. or #Fascistbook as I tend to call it)  because earlier in the day, it created some discussion on my personal page as today is the day before the 2016 sElection for the POTUS — President of the United States.

As you can see I left the details unedited so you can see the original source of my post — The Huffington Post Canada.  I liked the photo a lot, it was a nice visual capture of both sides of the 49th Parallel.   That imaginary line in the sand on a map that delineates the US/Canada border.

Forget the source and that most every single piece of media you see in a day is owned and bought and paid for by one political side or globalist or another.  It’s true…. but forget that for a sec.

The other FACTS are that Canada and the USA share a border and a ton of policy framework and thus, are linked like brother/sister.   Some would say Big Brother   LOL.

Here are a few of my comments I selected / added to here, from that post.  Anyone that thinks Canada has no opinion on matters in the USA are honestly really uninformed.  There were some really ignorant comments made by some people on both sides of the border here so I decided to write about it.

I have been very active politically trying to hold Big Government to account, I have not just sat idly by for years like most do.   If you search my name, you will see that.   I have run for Public Office to be the Voice of Change.  And then kept up the fight big time for years after the campaign ended, proving I actually care about things other than a paycheck.  In fact my 2010 campaign you can find on the record I promised to donate a portion of my pay if elected to charity.  So it was NEVER about the money.

I have sold Real Estate since 1991, and am very involved and active with Land Planning and Use, Policy, and tying all this to people becoming Self Reliant and moving Off Grid and getting away from all the bureaucracy wasting our Civil Rights/Liberties and Tax Dollars! The Government only makes money, like “The Grid” when we stay invested in them and that is how they generate their jobs and paychecks, it is a simple truth.   We are way Over-Governed and Policed.  WAY.

I was also appointed by the Mayor and City Council to sit on one of the most important Committees any community has in their City Halls / Municipalities — the Committee of Adjustment which deals with Public Applications for Variances under the Planning Act — essentially meaning citizen applications for changes to their Land and Property.  So it is fair again to say, I know policy and have hands on experience.   City Halls like to get away with stuff, and I made sure I held their feet to the fire, FOR FAIRNESS TO RESIDENTS!

We deserve better from Government and the entire Public Sector and I have tried to hold them to account at many levels and been harassed for it.  For demanding better and questioning things for the every day regular person.

I have been an Activist, not just a Typist.  I say again.  Lots of ways to go about this!

The USA is our largest trading partner, as they are with a lot of countries.  The US Dollar is pinned to nearly everything in trade and commerce and related policies in place and to come.

The LSS is NOBODY wins elections…. NOBODY. Not the people, not the candidates who are sElected by the Globalists in advance.

🍕🍕🍕 Pizza Party, that’s what we all need.  The only Party that represents ALL the People because, who doesn’t like it? It’s more balanced than nearly any candidates, ever. (Y)

More than 80% of people in general are misinformed.  Part of that is due to what I mentioned above by all the corruption in the #MSM — the Mainstream Media being 90% +/- all owned by a handful of the same Elite families/globalists causing us harm.  They seek to control the media and the narrative and are tied to that agenda with #BigGov — Big Government and #BigData.  They work together to keep the masses MISDIRECTED and thus mis/uninformed.  Most informed people know this but some don’t so just putting it out there because everyone is on a different path of learning or place on that path.

The word for this is obfuscation.  Look it up!  It means buried or hard to find or misdirected, in a nutshell.  You will find it right in the lower levels right in your own city halls and local governments and policing bureaus and then all the way up the chain.  Whitewashing, burying things in reports, making info hard to find, calling things different names, severing some info and classifying it as secure or operational, omitting info which is a big one, it is all related to creating a narrative for them.  The publication of those narratives by media or official sources, or unofficial sources then becomes PROPAGANDA.  

Companies that pollute the environment are another good example of who uses these tactics.  Companies on either side of borders!  Just to bring this full circle back to the main focus of this post.  

Our 2 countries are tied so closely together geographically and politically and policy wise. You wonder why comments like those claiming our countries are not linked or one side has no right to an opinion are attacked or ignored – at least I have the decency and common sense to present those COMMON FACTS to people, is what I had to write in that person when they attacked me for being on the Canadian side of this line government calls “The Border” we share- maybe you have heard of these things?  LOL

“The fact a specific article on the POTUS (USA)  does not mention my country Canada directly does not preclude the facts I presented earlier to you, I also said.   You must be really slow. I am pretty patient a lot of the time, but honestly, get it together, think for yourself a bit…. before that is outlawed also”

I have DONE a lot, not just sat here and typed, so I am in a decent position to speak on political policy. Look up my name.”  just in case the person wondered if I was like most people sitting around in life complaining but never ACTING on my concerns.

Followed by:   “But if you look at my first statement today to this guy about why CAN/US relations are tied together, it affects all of us. I spent most of the last SIX years as an activist doing exactly what you are saying here locally (name edited for respect of privacy)

.. – Just ask my fascist mayor and city hall  (: – The nite that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in Canada – within ONE hour I sent him a direct email discussing our fraudulent monetary policy you have seen me post on many times as well as the TPP and Bill C51 issues. Part of an activist’s job is to ACT. and my 15 000 hours+ of that is pretty relevant and also easy to find. It means I don’t just sit and complain like you infer and rightly so — most do. I have also talked openly about THAT aspect.

“… Not that it matters but you are clearly looking for direct things said, in an article in specific— you have said it twice so far here meaning you cannot see the greater good or bigger picture. I stated my reasons clearly here twice and you won’t or can’t reason for yourself or comprehend what I said which is pretty obvious. And you are wrong again, because Trump has brought up Canada several times during his campaign.

— Tim, I am not being a jerk but every time you open your virtual mouth on this thread, you show your complete ignorance of basic FACTS. All you have is opinion. They are not the same. People like you are exactly what is wrong and what your friend (edited for respect of privacy)  said in his first post to me — MISINFORMED. It is not currently worth my time to keep trying to inform you of facts, when you want to ignore them. I won’t be responding to you again.

You would be better off spending some time researching basic facts today….. since you said my opinion as a human being, and being in Canada — does not matter. If it did not matter, why are you engaging me, lol
I will end this by saying a lot of people go through each day feeling like this system on both sides of our border — or other places — is clearly broken.  A smaller but growing percentage of humanity KNOWS what is broken, has connected the dots and knows it benefits those in power to keep the system and people broken and dependent on them and hope citizens do not educate themselves and engage it for change.   That is why it is a joke and an affront to Truth and Liberty to try to keep people tied to the GRID — yet the SYSTEM AND GOVERNMENT proclaim they support clean, green tech and living responsibly and sustainably.  Sustainable living and that word means one thing to an informed citizen and something very very different to government and the Elite.
Now….. look up Agenda 21… because that is a UN initiative that affects all of humanity, on every side, of every border.  Every single day.   And you may be shocked at what you find.








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