WE are The Main STEEM Media – We will tell the truth. We are the new MSM


Most of us know that the MSM – Main Stream Media is paid off and looks the other way, owned by the globalists, the politicians and the money and power.  The narratives and “Official Story” if you will.

I have provided a generic version of this meme below without my name for download and use.   If this idea and meme resonate with you, upvote and share this to places online as you see fit. Download and use the image where you like.

In STEEMIT, WE are a community.  A collective.  We have an ethos unlike those that lie and cover up the truth harming people daily for a paycheque or a position. 

We choose people over politics and profit.  We choose true Liberty and Freedom.  

We shall tell the truth where the Main Stream media lies and harms humanity.   Feel free to use my images and the words Main STEEM Media as you please – where you please.

We have the power and chance to do a lot of good for a lot of people.   We are all in this together.  None of us are getting out alive.

—   I hope you have a good day.  Collectively and individually.




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