Barry Dutton posts- Oshawa pays to have World’s largest hockey stick moved to a different rink in town

Oshawa will pay thousands to move giant hockey stick to Legends Centre Sep 16, 2009 –

Barry Dutton posts–OSHAWA — The impending demolition of Oshawa’s Civic Auditorium means the World’s Largest Hockey Stick needs a new home.

This week, Oshawa council’s community services committee voted to spend $11,950 to move the stick to the Legends Centre. The price tag includes paying a consultant to determine the structural adequacy of the Legends Centre roof, installing a hoist system and transporting the stick from one venue to the other.

City staff said the cost can be funded from the corporate contingency account.

In 2004, council voted to install the stick at the Civic at a cost of $13,000. It measures 50 feet long and weighs about 1,200 lbs.


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