Time… Again for another Treasonous False Flag Attack on Regular People – in the name of Liberty of course.

Political and Corporate Interests generally always outweigh what is right for everyday life as a regular person just trying to be free, live life, and have access to decent monetary supply for a reasonable life, some clean air and water, and actual freedom and liberty. Restrictive Policy in the rising Police State everywhere, day by…

Last meme for 2016 POTUS sElection season, I promise LOL

There has always been a War going on for your mind…. #NWO #Globalists control your #Money #Finance + #Politicians -Solid #Truth – Don’t look the other way or mock the informed people, this is a big reason we are all in this mess. #Canada #US + elsewhere.   Basically everywhere Corporatism and Central Banks exist, which…

WE are The Main STEEM Media – We will tell the truth. We are the new MSM

Most of us know that the MSM – Main Stream Media is paid off and looks the other way, owned by the globalists, the politicians and the money and power. The narratives and “Official Story” if you will.

In STEEMIT, WE are a community. A collective. We have an ethos unlike those that lie and cover up the truth harming people daily for a paycheque or a position.

We choose people over politics and profit. We choose true Liberty and Freedom.